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Profile for the option  Upload the services you offer.  Click on this option to complete en for Business Source. Linkedin The interest of Open for Business is therefore to allow you to be easily found on LinkedIn by filtering service providers. By effectively using this feature, you can enjoy much better visibility whatever your field of activity. There are even online gaming platforms, such as betFIRST Casino, which he uses to gain visibility with professionals who are potentially intereste in this subject. SlideShare: Share your presentations and professional content SlideShare is a feature that belongs to LinkedIn and allows you to share professional content in the form of a PowerPoint-type slideshow.

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SlideShare allows you to integrate your content with LinkedIn and make it accessible to platform users and easily share it with your network. With SlideShare, bring more weight to your business and improve your image and visibility by distributing professional content via files to be uploaded. In addition, all types of files are accepte on this platform, in particular those in Word, PowerPoint or PDF format. This feature will also make it easier for your Vietnam Phone Number List business to capture potential customers, drawing them to your website. Use links and call-to-action (CTA) within your SlideShare, and bring your prospects into.

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Conversion tunnel on your website. Without even sharing your publications, you can sometimes reach tens of thousands of views per month, depending on the subject of your content and the interest shown by professionals. From SlideShare, you can also direct visitors to your LinkedIn Page. It’s up to you to optimize your SlideShare by providing all the useful BTC Database AS information to your visitors and allowing them to access your various social spaces. LinkedIn groups LinkedIn groups can also be useful for your business, while even being independent of your professional page. They allow you to manage and animate a community around a subject or common interests. You can also source useful information there, which will be collect following.

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